It’s been a while since my last update, probably because there is not much new to report. As usual, things got crazy over the summer, abruptly stopped when it got cold, and are gradually picking up again now that the holidays are over. If you want to get on my schedule, I have plenty of time available. That will change by spring though, so don’t wait.

I recently set up an Instagram account and I will be using it mainly for business-related items (and occasionally pictures of my dog.) If you want to know what I am up to from day to day, feel free to follow me: xicmarkx

One thing I’d like to bring up again is the wide range of electrical/mechanical items that I can repair. While most of my income comes from typical jobs around the home, I have been doing an increasing number of repairs to small electronics and things of that nature. Now that my workshop is all set up, I’d love to do more of this work. This isn’t to say that I no longer want to do home repair work. If those jobs stopped rolling in, I’d be broke in a month! But I keep hearing from people that cannot find a person to fix their broken _fill in the blank_ and can I help them. No matter what it is, I usually can.

For information purposes, (as well as keyword searching purposes,) here is a list of everything that I can remember having fixed. This is in no way all I can do. If your broken item in question is not on this list, I’ve probably just never had an opportunity to fix it before and would love to tackle it.

radios, cassette players, turntables, amplifiers, speaker cabinets, speaker re-foaming, televisions, CD players, light fixtures, lamps, clocks, watches, irons, kitchen mixers, toasters, guitars, drums, accordions, cell phones, arcade games, pinball machines, jukeboxes, pool tables, pachinko machines, power tools, bicycles, mopeds, scooters, lawnmowers, snowblowers, gas grills, and various industrial machines like hydraulic pumps, screen printing presses, engine lathes, etc

I also enjoy doing complete restorations of anything mechanical and/or electrical. This can get expensive, so it is likely only worth it to you if there is some sentimental value to the item or you REALLY like it. I absolutely love doing restoration work, and my attention to detail is borderline OCD. Honestly, if I could do restorations exclusively, I wouldn’t hesitate, but I just haven’t seen a lot of call for it. I can restore almost anything, so just ask. If you want references, email me and I will send you pictures of past work.

Thanks for another great year,