New Website

As you may have noticed, my website has been in disarray recently. My version of WordPress as well as all of the plugins needed to be updated for a while now, and whenever I would try to update it some stupid problem would arise and cause me to just give up. I must have let it go on too long because my site was hacked and redirected to an online store that sells counterfeit Air Jordans. People had been telling me about the redirect for a while, but when I would check it at home, it was fine, so I thought they were typing in the address wrong. Nope. I think it had something to do with entering the address directly vs going through a search engine to get here. Oh well. I guess that’s why you don’t ignore update notices for a few years. If you came here looking for cheap Chinese knock-offs of expensive, (yet bizarrely, also Chinese) Nikes, I apologize for the inconvenience.

So I am basically rebuilding the site from scratch, (well, the WordPress version of “from scratch”) and hopefully this time it will be more reliable and better-looking. I didn’t bother to transfer over the past few years of blog entries, since I doubt anyone wants to read back through them, but I will make sure that any photos or relevant information makes it to the new site. I’m hoping to have text up and running right away, and the pretty stuff like pictures and themes will be appearing over time.