Website Progress

As you may have noticed, some progress has been made. The photo gallery is back where I want it, with a few new slideshows and a few old ones gone. The “Other Projects” page still has no photos, mostly because many are older photos that are not on this computer. Someday I’ll get around to organizing that page, but it’s not a priority right now.

I also want to throw out there that I am looking for machine shop-related items. My woodworking shop is finally adequate for my needs, but my metalworking capabilities are seriously lacking. I hate it when I have ideas in my head that I cannot translate into real life because I lack the equipment. I have a small hobby lathe, but I’d really like something more capable. If you have a medium-sized lathe, milling machine, or any machining accessories in the Iowa City area, let me know. I would love to trade for work, but cash transactions are a possibility too. As you know, I love to fix and restore things, so even if your “machine” is just boxes of rusty parts, let me know.