Custom House Numbers


I just finished this project for my own house and thought I’d share it in case anyone was interested in getting one made for their house. The numbers are cut out of 1/8″ aluminum which is adhered to a thick acrylic sheet. Blue LEDs are countersunk into the acrylic and wired to a timer that controls the time at which the illumination turns on and off. (This could also be controlled by a dusk-to-dawn photocell, but I wanted mine to turn off when we stop expecting guests instead of being on all night.) The sign stands a couple of inches off the wall with matching metal tubing, which also discretely carries the wire into the house.

The process was pretty labor-intensive, but I learned a few things that would speed up the making of the next one. If you want one for your house, I can make one any size, font, color, brightness, finish, etc. I’d probably charge around $350 to make and install a similar one, but obviously that can go higher or lower depending on the complexity of your idea. It might also be fun to play around with the concept and make a last name or business logo instead. Try me!