Spring 2017 Update

In typical spring fashion, my schedule is filling up fast. As of now, the rest of April is booked, but May is still pretty open. Get in quick if you’re in a hurry to have something completed.

In other news… I am currently making a new sign for Crossroads Tattoo as their old one was vandalized beyond repair a few months ago. The grand unveiling will be at their 20th anniversary party on Saturday, May 20th. Assuming everything goes as planned, my sign will be installed that day and will hang there for at least the next 20 years. If you’re ever driving by their shop at 508 2nd Ave in Coralville after that date, check it out and let me know what you think.

And finally, I just want to recognize my good friend Ken Cook aka: Wookie who passed away from cancer one year ago last week. You may have known him as the imposing, long-haired, bearded metalhead standing behind the counter at the east side Ace Hardware, but I knew him as a friend since 7th grade and a bandmate in at least three different bands over the years. We must have logged thousands of hours together playing, talking, or traveling to watch music. I was honored that his family trusted me with making his urn, so here it is, a scaled-down version of his BC Rich Widow bass.

Rust in peace, Wookie.