The End

As of November 2018, Phillips Home Repair is no longer operating as a full-time home repair business, as I have accepted a full-time job doing equipment repair and maintenance in a laboratory/factory setting. I will be starting that job after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, so I will not be taking on any new work.

If I have already started a job for you, I will finish it. If we have talked about a job, but haven’t gotten it started yet, I will still try my best to honor that. If you are one of my loyal clients, I will continue to help you out with smaller repairs on my days off, though I probably will not have time for larger jobs. I will still take on electronics repairs, as it’s a fun way to wind down in the evenings. (Yes, I’m weird.) And of course, I will honor my guarantee on everything I’ve done over the past 11+ years.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me. It’s not an easy decision to close up shop, but the timing was just right. My “brand” (I hate that term) will live on here, on my YouTube channel, and on my Instagram page, so feel free to follow me to see what I’m up to.

Thanks again. It’s been a wild ride and I’ll miss almost all of you. ;)