Hourly rate: $45

Over the years that I have been in business I’ve experimented with a lot of different pricing methods. Some were based on the specific job, some were based on the difficulty of the job, etc. I have settled on the easiest for me and you to understand and calculate, which is a straight hourly rate. I will just take the number of hours and multiply it by $45. Tax is charged for repairs but not remodels. (Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to me either.) There is a one hour minimum, but after that I will round to the nearest half-hour.

I do provide free estimates if desired, but like any job done by any contractor, the price will go up if problems arise. I will keep you informed as these surprises happen and can usually offer a range of fixes. At the time of completion I always add up my hours, and rarely does it match the estimate exactly. I honor the lower figure, which is rarely the estimate. Contractors always shoot high when estimating for obvious reasons.

Here’s a short list of common jobs and how long they usually take. This is only a guide. Any number of things can affect the time spent doing a job, so this is only to get a rough idea. Also this is not a list of everything I do, just the more common jobs. Do not think I can’t do something because it is not listed here. Contact me directly to ask any questions, but first check out the FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered.

Hanging an interior door (prehung): 1.5 hours
Hanging an interior door (slab): 2 hours
Hanging an exterior door (prehung): 3 hours
Installing a metal storm door: 3 hours
Painting a bathroom or average bedroom: 6 hours
Replacing a bathroom vanity: 4 hours
Replacing a light fixture: 1 hours
Replacing a ceiling fan: 1.5 hours
Replacing an outlet or switch: .5 hours
Re-screening a window: .5 hours
Replacing a window pane: 1.5 hours
Replacing an OTR microwave/range hood: 2 hours
Replacing kitchen counter tops: 6-8 hours