Note: As of July 2017, I’ve raised my hourly rate for the first time in almost ten years. It seemed like it was time, so I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Hourly rate: $50 (one hour minimum)
“Gross” surcharge: $50

My newly implemented “gross surcharge” applies to any job I deem to be gross. This serves to reduce the chances of of me having to do something disgusting, encourages people to clean up a bit if necessary, and also makes it worth my time to do those kinds of jobs rather than to follow my instincts and turn around and walk out. Some jobs are unavoidably nasty, like replacing a toilet or pulling dead birds out of dryer vents, but other jobs are made unnecessarily disgusting by poor housekeeping, like working under a kitchen sink that’s littered with dead roaches or removing pee-soaked carpet. If something seems gross, I’ll let you know there will be an extra charge, and you can take it or leave it.

I do provide free estimates if desired, but like any job done by any contractor, the price will go up if problems arise. I will keep you informed as these surprises happen and can usually offer a range of fixes. At the time of completion I always add up my hours, and rarely does it match the estimate exactly. I honor the lower figure, which is rarely the estimate. Contractors always shoot high when estimating for obvious reasons.

Here’s a short list of common jobs and how long they usually take. This is only a guide. Any number of things can affect the time spent doing a job, so this is only to get a rough idea. Also this is not a list of everything I do, just the more common jobs. Do not think I can’t do something because it is not listed here. Contact me directly to ask any questions, but first check out the FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered.

Hanging an interior door: 1.5 hours
Hanging an exterior door: 3 hours
Installing a storm door: 2 hours
Painting a bathroom or average bedroom: 6 hours
Replacing a bathroom vanity: 4 hours
Replacing a light fixture: .5 hours
Replacing a ceiling fan: 1 hour
Replacing an outlet or switch: .5 hours
Re-screening a window: .5 hours
Replacing an OTR microwave/range hood: 2 hours
Replacing kitchen counter tops: 6-8 hours